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Shark Attacks!

This week was a Youth Service under the theme, "Shark Attacks!"

The service ranked among one of the best the congregation has ever enjoyed! We sang old favorites like, "Lilly of the Valley", "Because He Lives", and "Salvation Has Been Brought Down". We were also treated to a surprise breakout of "Oh Happy Day" in the style of the Sister Act movie, followed by the Praise Team joining with the youth for "In Christ Alone" - a new song the congregation recently learned.

If the singing alone wasn't encouraging enough, we were treated to a very short and narrated skit bringing us to the theme. The message was clear - shark attacks can happen and they are very unexpected.

The message from the youth was that since we have chosen to get in the water, we need to be prepared for trials and tribulations that will ultimately refine us. The sensation of it may not be pleasant but that we understand it is for our good. We also understand that by the positive way we handle it, God gets the glory and the situation becomes encouragement for others around us - thus the test becomes the testimony. Remember people, shark attacks can happen and they are very unexpected.

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